TRIESTECLASSICA was born in 2020 in Trieste on the initiative of the members of the “Quartetto Chagall”, a group made up of young artists of international fame, who compose the Artistic Committee.
The Association is a youth one, pursuant to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Law nr. 5/2012, and it is registered with number 70 at the Regional Register.


violinoThe Association has as its corporate purpose the development, in favor of its members, their families and third parties, making use mainly of young people in the pursuit of the statutory purposes and the voluntary work by its members or by the people belonging to the associated bodies, of the following activities of general interest:
– education, training and professional training, pursuant to the Italian law 28 March 2003, nr. 53, and subsequent amendments, as well as cultural activities of social interest with educational purposes; & nbsp;
– university and post-university training; & nbsp;
– organization and management of cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social interest, including activities and editorial, for the promotion and dissemination of the culture and practice of volunteering and activities of general interest pursuant to art. 5 of Italian Legislative Decree 117/2017 and subsequent amendments; & nbsp;
– organization and management of tourism activities of social, cultural or religious interest.
These activities are related to the provisions of letters d), g) , i), k) of art. 5 of Italian Legislative Decree 117/2017 and subsequent amendments.
The no-profit Association pursues the purposes civic, solidarity and social utility that emerge from the analytical description of the corporate purpose.
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Organizational structure

CDAThe bodies of the Association are:
– the Members’ Meeting;
– the Board of Directors;
– the Chairman;
– the Artistic Committee.
Power of representation is attributed to the Chairman and to the Managing Directors, where appointed. & nbsp; The power of representation attributed to the Directors is general.
The Association is governed by the & nbsp; Board of Directors, that exercises powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration.
The Members’ Meeting approves the financial statements and other accounting documents; resolves on proposals to amend the bylaws and other extraordinary transactions; appoints and dismisses the members of the corporate bodies.
The & nbsp;Artistic Committee & nbsp; is made up of a variable number of members who have proven experience in the activities of the corporate purpose of the Association. It provides for the organization, management and implementation of all cultural events of the Association, also assuming the artistic direction, and, in general, it carries out any other activity of an artistic or cultural nature that is entrusted to it by the Board of Directors.

Articles of Association


Download the TRIESTECLASSICA Articles of Association (in Italian)

Data publishing

trasparenzaIn compliance with the transparency obligations established by Italian law nr. 124/2017, the information relating to grants, contributions, paid assignments and in any case to any kind of economic benefits received in the previous year from Public Administrations or companies controlled or invested by them is provided below.