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rinascitaThe music festival organized by TRIESTECLASSICA in 2021 will take the title “Rebirth“.
The strong social emergency (constituted by the serious health situation that we found ourselves living in) affects the culture – and, in particular, music – sector in an exorbitant way. Many citizens – especially among young people -, during the lockdown, have had the opportunity to look at life in a different way, finding new passions or rediscovering old ones, including, in particular, Culture and Music.
“Innovative” cultural activities (such as multimedia-multivision events, combination of music and other arts, …) will be presented as a priority, giving more space to young artists, those most affected by the crisis and for whom the Rebirth is fundamental. They will also have the opportunity to tell about their experience and the “alternative” ways of studying and working put in place to obviate, although in part, the restrictions due to Covid-19.
The initiative will constitute a significant promotional and image involvement in the local community, which will be able to rediscover its own spiritual wellness thanks to numerous original innovative and quality events and shows, as well as for tourists, who will be able to enjoy the beauties of the city of Trieste and its surroundings in unusual ways, participating to musical and para-musical events in the most beautiful halls and locations.
The Festival is aimed at the whole community. The events will be free and open to all.
The shows will be aimed primarily at young people and their families, but also at tourists and all citizens who are interested in experimenting new ways of enjoying Music, enjoying the beauties of the city of Trieste and its surroundings.
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